What are the factors that affect the price of FPC flexible circuit boards?

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First, the different materials used in FPC flexible circuit boards cause price diversity

FPC's manufacturers introduce ordinary double-sided panels as an example. The sheets generally have PET, PI, etc. The thickness of the plates varies greatly, and the thickness of copper is different from 1/2Oz to 3Oz, thus causing different prices.FPC manufacturers also found that there are certain price differences in the brand of materials, and materials generally include PI, FCCl copper foil reinforcement materials (NC pad black copper plating packaging materials, etc.).

Second, the price diversity caused by the difficulty of the FPC flexible circuit board itself

FPC's manufacturers show that even if the materials and processes are the same, the FPC flexible circuit board itself will have different costs. For example, the size, density, and line width of the aperture will cause different production costs, because the difficult board has a higher scrap rate, which will increase the economic investment, resulting in an increase in price.

Third, the price diversity caused by different FPC flexible circuit board manufacturers

FPC's manufacturers with stable supply performance even if the same product, but because different PCB manufacturers have different process equipment and technology levels, they will also form different costs. FPC's manufacturers found that many PCB manufacturers like to produce gold-plated plates. Because of the simple process and low cost, some PCB manufacturers also produce tin-plated or tin-plated plates in consideration of the scrapping rate. Therefore, their tin-plated plates are more priced than gold-plated plates. The board is low.

The above are several aspects of the factors affecting the price of FPC flexible circuit boards introduced by FPC manufacturers, in addition to the diversity of prices caused by different regions.